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Forklift Rental Solutions

We are at your business with the most advantageous conditions with our stacking machines & forklift truck rental solutions. Thanks to our forklift rental services, you have the right machine for your needs with the advantages of renting. Whether you have one or hundreds of machines, simplify your machine park management with forklift rental solutions.

Advantages of forklift rental solutions:

Professional consultancy

Our expert team is at your service to meet you with the most suitable machine. Our team’s primary ideal is to find the most suitable vehicle for you between different types of forklifts & stackers for your different needs & to reduce your costs.

Fixed rental fee

Forklift rental cost will be reduced to your corporate tax base as an expense. You can discount the VAT on the rental invoice. You can plan the cash flow as the rental fee is regular & fixed.

Maintenance & service

We manage all maintenance & service needs for you during the rental period of your truck. Our authorized service solves the periodic maintenance and repair costs on site for you.

Substitution machine

If you experience a long-term service problem with your machine during forklift rental service, your replacement vehicle will be allocated to you within the conditions specified in the rental agreement.


All of our forklifts are insured against accidents during the rental period.

Customized solutions, forklift & stacking machine

  • Determining your needs correctly
  • Trust to work with a supplier that will be with you under all conditions
  • Choosing the right machine to secure your warehouse
  • Protecting you against surprise costs with right prediction
  • Non-stop service after sale

Forklift & Stacking engineering

Forklift & stacking machine is an investment that must be taken very seriously for enterprises. If the machine selection is not made correctly, serious time losses for the enterprises & lack of space in the stacking will be the leading problems.